About Us


America's Unquestioned Leader

Charitable Gift America is the leader and fastest growing gift annuity program nationwide. Whether you are an individual donor looking to support your favorite charity or a non-profit professional with the desire to remove liability from your balance sheet, we provide the ultimate platform. All of this done without charging an organization fee!


Philanthropy Available Today

Charitable Gift America works with non-profit CFO's to eliminate liability, and at the same time, make grants to the organization for use today. Individual philanthropists can also request an immediate grant to their favorite charity when establishing a new gift annuity contract.


Step Into the 21st Century

Doing things because "that is how it has always been done", is not our approach at Charitable Gift America. Our 21st Century Model creates new gifts for your organization and unlocks the equity in your current CGA pool. Our grant making capabilities allows individuals to see their gifts in action while they are alive. We accept cash, publicly traded securities and even real estate! Take the next step and contact us today!